Monday, May 5

Weekend: The Beginning

Happy 1st Month Anniversary! Thought I would begin this blog with a cheery start as today marks a month living as a married couple for my husband and me. Yes, we tied the knot exactly on this date just last April. My husband, who I fondly call Abi is the love of my life. I have known him since our university years. He was there for me and me, him to get through a lot of things.

I particularly remember when he needed to study in the library; I would sleep in the car. When he played football, I would join the committee organizing the match. When he attended job interviews (just two, anyway), I would iron his shirt the night before. When I was in-between jobs (which were many times that my current GM took note about it), he would support me financially. We dated for eight years before he bought me that “Will you marry me?” ring, finally.

Although we got married, more tests do still come for the both of us. Abi has been working for a year in the Lion City now. Meanwhile, I am still holding onto my job in Bangi. Actually, I wished I could be there for him more once we are together officially. I want to cook him meals (though I suck, big time!), do his laundry (he nagged about it yesterday) and take care of our private apartment that he rents in Pasir Ris.

Right now I am trying to be rational and not freaking out just yet. I mean, Singapore is not that far I could always cross the border to get to him. Abi would come back every other weekend to our serviced apartment which he bought in Serdang. In addition, he seems to be doing well in his work over there and I am supportive in his career. So I do not want him to come back to KL just for me alone.

However, there was something Abi said yesterday that had put me deeper in this whole dilemma. He said, “I never push you to work, you know.” Well, I know my husband can afford a good life for us. Yet, I have to really hate my job to quit. It is not that I really love my job also, but I can still stand it this far. So my husband’s so-called offer will be KIV until the right moment arrives.

Last night before Abi left for Singapore, he had bought me another gold band that would be my 1st month anniversary gift. That said, now I need to think of a gift for him. Then again, I have a whole week to do that.

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