Tuesday, May 27

Wash or not?

There I was standing in front of our newly bought washer. Actually I was trying to decide whether or not my smelly never-been-washed-throughout-the-year shoes go into the washing machine. I am talking about my work shoes that I worn day-in and day-out for a year now. Because I am entitled for a new pair every year and I had already collected a pair last week, so last night I had the chance to wash the old shoes.

These are no ordinary shoes as they are ESD-safe shoes which avoid me from causing damage to electronic component or device failure at work. I like to see them as cute white sneakers which I could match with cute multicolored socks. I am always happy to wear them but only in the factory because I know I would feel safe in them. In short, they are special shoes, really.

However, I do not know if washing them in the washer is a good idea. I had never tried doing it before so would this ruin the machine if not the shoes? You know what they say, there is always a first time for everything so should I just do it?

So I stood there in front of the washer for many minutes and I did not have the courage to put the shoes in. Maybe I try to decide again next year. Or maybe I will beg my husband to wash them for me this weekend since he usually wash his football boots after playing futsal. Maybe the latter is the best idea!

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