Saturday, May 24

Working weekend

It is Saturday evening and I am still working in the office! This is what I get for working in a manufacturing company in which the working calendar normally follows the production schedule. Darn!

This morning my husband sent me to work. He then went back home to sleep some more as he was still tired from the traveling, I guess. I fetched Abi late last night and we went for supper before I went straight to bed and he watched Spider-man 2 on TV. I knew he would eventually doze off in front of the TV so when I awakened from my sleep, I had to wake him up at 4 in the morning and led him to bed. Poor thing!

Because today is his off day, I already had a task for him to complete. I have been begging him to buy me a washing machine for our house so I could stop going to the laundry shop every other week. If we had a washer, I could save my energy dragging two people’s dirty clothes, my money (yes, I paid for them myself) and my break time at work just to drop by the shop sending and picking up our garments.

So Abi went to a few electrical shops to find a good washing machine and he had called my hand phone at my office nearly ten times! Of course he wanted to buy the perfect machine and he needed some expert’s consultation and that would be me. It was difficult for me doing shopping through his eyes but we managed to purchase a washer that I have not yet have a look at. I trusted his judgment on this one.

It is now time to go back and my husband is on his way now. So I have to go. I cannot wait to see him and the washer.

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