Tuesday, July 1

My hero

I revisited our wedding photographer’s webpage to reminisce about the most blissful days of my life. Anyway, feel free to check out our wedding pictures at my Favorite Links. My husband looked so darn good despite the fact that he suffered from chicken pox three months prior to our wedding. The culprit for his illness? Me, guilty as charged!

Actually, I caught the virus on New Years Eve of 2008. It was the first time for me and not a nice way to celebrate New Year I would say. I was on a two week medical leave and we had already begun planning for our wedding by then. My concerned future mom-in-law had prepared a traditional remedy so that I would heal faster and the post recovery scar would not be so obvious. Knowing the fact that her son had already caught the disease when he was little that chances were he would not catch it again, she requested him to send the remedy to me from Seremban to KL.

So all of us thought he was alright. Convincingly enough though, there was exactly a week grace period before his symptoms started to show. I recalled my then future husband, mom-in-law and I were looking for our guests’ souvenirs in Nilai when he complained about feeling unwell. The next thing I knew, Abi was on a very long medical leave due to chicken pox. I was secretly glad that he was sick because he would stay longer in Malaysia. However, I pitied my future mom-in-law when I should be the one taking care of him, but we were not married yet so all I did was just accompany him to the clinic.

Ah the things he did for love. Apart from traveling back and forth between KL and Singapore, Abi had risked his health for me. Well, I must say that was not the only thing he risked. I owe him my life that my eyes are teary just thinking of it and while writing this right now. How could I not marry him? He is somewhat super, this man. My husband is my real life hero.

As far as heroes are concerned, Abi is a good looking one (aren’t they all?). Of course the chicken pox was ruthless but he survived. Just take a look at the photo above taken in the end of January. The scars were clearly visible then but today, who would have guessed that his skin was traumatized very severely? It has improved a lot and I wonder what kind of superpower he has, hmm.

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Irwan Mihat said...

hahahah... nicely put honey! is there any catch behind this?? Hmmm.. let me guess. The Great Singapore Sale is still on until this month. I wonder what are you buying this time. Hahahahahah... Anything for you ami. I'm here waiting.

p/s i love you