Friday, June 19

Blur case

Abi will forever tease me whenever we discuss this particular subject. He says I was too slow in picking up signals from him. I swear, I had no clue whatsoever when exactly my then associate, now my husband, had a crush on me. I did not even notice if he was hitting on me!

My husband first fell for me during my Hari Raya open house. I remember that my close friends happened to be just boys at that moment. I fried koay teow for them. Funny thing. Nobody thought it was tasty at all; including him. Sorry guys, I sucked.

A few days later, Abi drove from Kajang to Gombak and fetch me for a movie at KLCC. I did not realize it was a date. There was nothing romantic about it. I thought it was just a friendly outing. Wait, it rained that day but no, it was still not romantic, Abi.

Being an old boy from an all boys school, my husband was almost always with the boys. He drove his housemates to class, for drinks or to play street soccer. All I knew, he would always pick me up to join them.

It was later I found out, he kind of sneaked out on his housemates to see me. If I recall correctly, he told me that everybody else was busy on that day. Which is why, I never saw us going out as a date.

It was another university friend who said she thought that Abi liked me a lot. She could tell from the way he looked at me. I was like, really huh? So that was the point I decided he was the one for me. It took a third party to actually open my eyes and heart. Finding out that he was really into me, my quest of true love was over.

Blur, right? And that was nine years ago. I am sure there were many more classic blur cases that people felt sorry to highlight them to me. However, there is a recent incident making me realize that I am as blur as a girl can be.

I was driving home from the office last Friday. Halfway through the journey, a guy driver slowed down his car on my left side. He signed that one of the back tyres was flat.

I signed back noting the message he was trying to send and thanked him. Fortunately, I was about to pass a petrol station on my left, so I turned into the junction and pulled over. True enough, my back right tyre was flat to the ground.

I mean, I have been driving for so long and I could not tell if I had a tyre situation. It took another driver who cared about the safety of others, telling me that. This shows that I need a third person waking me up from my blurry mode occasionally, if not constantly.

I cannot feel the difference of driving on good or bad tyres. Hello, they are still spinning although with no air inside. Hmm. God knows how much more damages I could have done and it is not even my car to start with!

Oh come on, do not shake your head like that. Sob.

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