Sunday, June 28


I have been having this mild (read: in denial) issue with my eyesight. I cannot see clearly from a certain distance. There is a term for it, I guess. Forgive me for I am new at this. I hope it is not myopic. However, one could only hope, I suppose.

Ah the beauty of growing old. Yes, I am getting there. The symptoms are showing little by little. May I announce to the people out there that I am now shortsighted, officially?

I cannot tell who is walking towards me when I walk around in the office. I have to ask other colleagues with good eyes to confirm it for me. So kindly save your time acknowledging or smiling at me if you are about a 10 meters away from me. Although, please make funny faces or look annoyed at that distance because I am as good as blind, seriously.

Wait, it gets even worse when I drive. During the day, I cannot read signboards. I manage to go and come back safely if the route is routine for me. On the other hand, I need injury time (or glasses as Abi would always put it) in getting places I am unfamiliar with.

Night time driving is the worst. I cannot even say the plate number of the car right in front of me. With my husband, I have to make intelligent guesses every time we play the game try-read-that-sign-if-you-say-you-are-not-blind. Sigh.

I wanted to blame my office computer for contributing to this eyes defect. But then, I refuse to eat many kinds of vegetables to maintain good vision. And there is the frequent reading in the lowlight at home. But then again, my husband has warned me about it. Therefore, I read in the lowlight whenever he is not around. Tee hee.

Oh just admit it, Abi. You like having me looking like a nerd, right? That is why you were more than happy to pay for those spectacles, is it not? Hey, I am still a cool person whether or not I agree to wear them. Can I treat them as another accessory, not necessity (wink)?

Gosh. Midlife crisis would have been easier, I think. Where is it, though? I want it now, please!

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