Friday, June 26

Shorter weekend

I booked the first available flight from KL and flew into Changi Airport last Saturday. Abi fetched me in a cab and we were off to Orchard Road to see a friend. He was staying at the Singapore Marriott Hotel and was waiting for us for breakfast.

Buffet breakfast at the Marriott tasted good partly because I was very hungry. My day started at five in the morning and I did not grab a bite since. Even our friend was surprised to see the amount of food I consumed. Sorry if I scare you, dude. Kindly do not let my eating habit stop you from getting married.

After that, we went up to his room. The beds were cozy and inviting. Well, early flight and a heavy meal after were good enough reasons for me to take a nap. Hmm. Restraining myself from sleeping, I watched TV on the bed instead. Meanwhile, our friend packed his luggage getting ready for check-out.

We began window shopping along Orchard Road and went from Tangs to Paragon to Takashimaya to Wisma Atria to Orchard MRT station. Apparently we (by that I mean myself) did not find anything interesting to buy. Our friend though, bought a shot glass from Harley-Davidson Motorclothes Store as a souvenir.

We continued our journey by train to Harbourfront Centre. We stopped for coffee and chat at Wang’s before making a move to Vivo City. Now we are talking. Actually, I needed to buy a cross body bag for my netbook (tongue) and dragged two men in my quest. Hey guys, since when you become a woman’s retail buddy? Tee hee.

After much search, we finally found a Kipling shop, yay! Abi and friend gave their comments on the bags I picked out. Not only that, they also catwalked the bags for me! You guys were funny, seriously.

We had really early dinner at Sakae Sushi courtesy of GE imagination at work. I ate a lot of sushi and my husband sashimi. He even dared me to eat sashimi but I had to refuse, although that new handbag lure was tempting. After thanking our dinner sponsor (wink), we sent him back to his hotel to claim his luggage at the concierge. He left for KL that evening and we said goodbye to him.

I hit the bed as soon as we were home. I did not hear Abi’s cousin arriving that night. I woke up hungry about 12am. Apparently, they went out for a drink before that. Abi bought me club sandwich and pomegranate juice. And I could not sleep after that filling supper. Gee, thanks, Abi.

It was lazy Sunday. Abi went back to sleep after morning tea. His cousin followed me to get lunch at Downtown East and it was like a carnival going on there. We checked out a warehouse sale but since I only bring enough money to buy lunch so you know the drill. Get in, get a hold of myself, and get out!

Then we ordered KFC to go enough to fill up three people. I woke Abi up as we reached home and lunch was heavenly. We went back to lazing on the couch. I packed my new Kipling bag (grin) before ironing my husband’s work shirts. Came night fall, Abi’s cousin drove us to the airport.

We had another coffee and chat while waiting for my boarding time. It was the last flight and luckily, my brother-in-law was at his parents’ house in Seremban and would be picking me up after dropping off his baby sister in Cyberjaya, who is by the way just pursuing her second year at MMU.

I said goodbye to Abi and cousin, finally. The weekend seemed so short this time around. Maybe my husband was right. Flying in on Friday and Saturday did have a big difference. The truth, a few hours is crucial for us frequent flyers to have enough rest. If we were to do this for another two years top, I should forget about Saturday flight booking although its cheaper fare really does well for our household economy. Sigh.

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