Wednesday, September 9

Beauty mark

The car got into its first accident. Well, not exactly traffic accident. On Monday evening, Abi and I just arrived at the executive suite where we were staying during his training. At the parking lot, my husband was a bit distrustful about the car next to us would bang into ours if the driver opened the door.

So he tried very hard to adjust it further away from that car. He squeezed it really close to the pillar and there you have it: a scarred side mirror on the driver’s right.

I rephrase, it was Abi who did it. I almost died when I heard the screeching sound of the side mirror against the pillar. My other half was of course, crazily traumatized. Enough said.

It had only been three months since he bought the car. My husband tried to calm himself by saying, “There is always a first time for everything.” Hmm. Why did it not sound right to me somehow?

I must admit the scar just breaks my heart every time I look at it. And I refuse to comment on your driving skill, Abi. Anyhow, it is in fact your car and you scratched it on your own, thank God. Although it is a universally known truth that I always have issues with tyres but now we know you have a so-called relationship with side mirrors (wink).

Well, we could not turn back time and undo the unfortunate event now, could we? Therefore, I say we try to forget everything and put things behind us because it was not a good memory after all. But I will tell you what was, despite all this.

The fact that we still get to rest our tired bodies and relax our minds at the hotel was the best part of the day! Allow me to bring you on a tour.

I did not want to get up from that bed. I swear. Ever. However, instead of staying in with my husband (one could only wish), he must attend some training and I need to come to work. Darn. I will miss you bed, I promise.

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