Wednesday, September 16

More eats

On Monday I went out with the girls from office for breaking the fast. This time our choice of venue was a restaurant that carried an American name but served all kinds of Italian food.Ironic? Sarcastic? Tongue in cheek? Well I am not sure, you be the judge.

Anyhow, restaurant’s concept apart, it was a cozy eating place and near to both our office and the highway toll so we could go straight home after dinner. And the food was not bad at all. The dish was infused with local flavor a bit (cili padi on a pizza, anyone?) thus well suited any Malaysian palate. Besides, the portion was huge!

A girl friend and I had to ask them to pack our pizzas because there was insufficient space in our tummies. And I had been eating it for two days now. Surprisingly it tasted normal and hey, I am still breathing. Living proof, right here.

Last night there was a department break fasting do. It was considered our final feast together during fasting month this year. A department member was kind enough to sponsor about 70 percent of the buffet dinner price that we all needed to pay. I am praying that God bless him with longer life on earth and much more wealth for his deed!

It was held at one of the caf├ęs inside UKM. And dinner was delicious despite of the extra hot flavor in some dishes. I am guessing the Chef hailed from Negri Sembilan. So I braved myself finishing every single dish I put on my plates. After all the sweat and tear I invested in them, I pulled through in the end. Good job, girl!

In order of appearance:

(1) Break fasting with mom in Gombak Setia. Check.
(2) Break fasting with parents-in-law in Paroi Jaya. Check. Twice.
(3) Break fasting with the girls from office. Check. Twice.
(4) Break fasting with brother-in-law and boy cousins. Check.
(5) Break fasting with Abi’s grandmother in Kuala Pilah. Check.
(6) Break fasting at the airport. Check. Twice.
(7) Break fasting with gossip buddies. Check. Twice.
(8) Break fasting with division colleagues. Check.
(9) Break fasting with the boys to skip reunion dinner. Check.
(10) Break fasting with investment dealers. Check
(11) Break fasting with fellow staff and volunteers at a certain NGO office. Check.
(12) Break fasting with Abi in the quiet of our own home. Check. Once.
(13) Break fasting with department members. Check.
(14) Break fasting with big sister. Check.
(15) Break fasting with my grandmother in Kepala Batas. In progress.
(16) Break fasting with dad in Sungai Petani. In progress.

Alright looks like my fasting month routine is almost complete. And best of all, I managed to do it with or without you, Abi. Of course it was more fun dragging you around and tagging along with you (wink). I sure hope to repeat all of this next year. God’s willing.

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