Tuesday, September 1

Simply living

On Saturday evening, Abi and I fetched his brother and cousin and all of us drove down to KL hoping we could still get a table at our favorite chicken rice shop in Bukit Bintang area. Sadly though, it was fully booked so we hung out at a mamak’s place first. The plan was to eat lightly before having an actual dinner later.

While waiting for breaking the fast, I did some people watching and boy was I surprised. I thought I just renewed my wardrobe’s collection a few months earlier but now it did not seem to come close with what those girls were wearing. They dressed really differently that I wonder how long had the trend been like this. I felt the need to catch up but I did not know where to find the energy to.

Just like I did not have the energy to wait for breaking the fast. I was darn hungry but managed to busy myself with a couple of magazines. After having some drinks and curry puffs, we moved on to chicken rice (now we are talking). And I was not sure if it is the food or the fact that we were seated in front of a pedestrian crossing’s traffic light right next to the Jalan Bukit Bintang that caused the heat. I was sweating as if I was running while eating. Anyway the food was as expected: it tasted better in other months and slightly poor in fasting month but overall, it was still good.

Next, we went to Lot 10 Shopping Centre (who goes there anymore?) and brother-in-law got himself a Mac bag. I purchased uncooked pasta for Hari Raya. They looked nice I could not wait to mess with them! In about an hour we were done there but not for the night, yet. We continued to hang out at a kopitiam. Each had a couple of drinks and updated our online accounts while we were at it. We had so much fun although we kind of did this almost every weekend! It was already 1am by the time my husband and I arrived home.

Yesterday, Abi granted another break fasting wish of mine. We rushed to the Mines Shopping Fair and there was unbelievably massive crowd over there probably due to public holiday. We decided to park outside the building and got in straight to buy that famous foot long toasted sandwich with beef steaks. I asked for all veggies except onion and all but teriyaki sauce to be stuffed in. That was how I would order it, every single time. No complain from him so far (tongue).

Done paying, my husband and I hurried out and off to the airport. Yeah we had to have dinner at the airport because his flight was at 8.50pm so must check-in before 7.50pm and boarding time was at 8.10pm. Therefore, we needed to squeeze everything in that limited time: eat, pray and run to the departure gate. Alright the word run was pretty overstated. Okay we did not run just walked very fast. Anyhow, all was worth it once you break fasting on a healthy but huge creamy spicy sour sweet messy sandwich with potato chips! Yummy.

Once again I felt blissful, contented and entertained by indulging in life’s simple pleasures. From street eatery to the airport’s food garden, I enjoyed them all. It does not take much to make my day (wink). I am plain boring like that but then again he is a simple person too. So I guess we complement each other in that way. I wonder what is in store this weekend. Hmm.

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