Monday, September 7

Of eating, again

It was that time of year again. Abi was invited to his school batch’s breaking the fast event. This year it took place at one of the golf clubs in Shah Alam. I, on the other hand had made plan to dine with his brother-in-law and boy cousins on the same weekend.

Because my husband would need a ride to his reunion dinner venue, I had to think of a nearby location to eat. I asked around in the office but nothing seemed intriguing enough for me or the five us for that matter. It was kind of stressing since I had not been to Shah Alam for quite a while now that I did not know if the cafés or restaurants I used to frequent during my pre-university years would still be there today.

Finally at about five in the evening, a girl friend who stays in Shah Alam recommended I go to a kedai kopi. She tried the shop’s ala carte dish before and it was good. In addition, she said the shop was serving a buffet during fasting month but had not experienced it. I took her word about the food’s taste so I went on a search for a kopitiam by the lakeside with the guys.

Hey how come you did not tell me there were two kedai kopis, Auk?

Yes there were two of them but the one we found was without the buffet. Sigh. Now we never knew how it would taste like, huh? However my girl friend was right about most of the ala carte food. Every time I checked with the cousins about their food they say it was fine.

The service was great though. The waitress spoke softly and most dishes arrived before it was time to break fasting. By the way we placed our order at 7pm and we are talking about seven different items from the menu here, so we could not really blame them for the late arrival. Anyhow we enjoyed the feast except for poor brother-in-law due to his unusual prawn mee taste.

It was an exciting dinner despite my husband was not around. We also did not skip dessert in which my husband would if he were to be with us (tongue). Would you look at that melting ice-cream? It was lip smacking I almost could not stop. Oh do not be mad, Abi. I am pretty sure you had a lot to eat from your buffet spread. And I hope you had loads of fun over there too because I did!

Yesterday my husband and I did a bit of Raya shopping. Moreover, there was a dinner we were attending so need to look for something to wear. We left the house before noon for Bukit Bintang area, again. Abi bought me a plain white shirt for dinner. He would be wearing the same that night (wink). Then he got black jeans for the both of us and my Raya shoes were an impulse buy. It was not in our shopping list but he paid for it anyway. Thank you my sweet hope-you-did-not-regret-marrying-me husband (kiss). Alright I promise this would be the last shoes for me. This year that is!

So I wore my glamorous sexy shoes to dinner just break them in for Hari Raya, you know. The host who invited us was already waiting at the entrance to greet us. Well, no offence guys, but I must agree when he said Abi “is the most handsome fund manager in town.” Okay, so I am biased, so?

And breaking the fast at a certain FELDA grand hall, buffet style; was heavenly! Need I say more? The renowned food caterer prepared the best briyani chicken rice, macaroni and cheese, much variety of delicacies, grilled meat, noodles and salad. I knew I missed many other food there but I could not stuffed them all anyway. There were 88 items on the night’s menu, people! We went home tired from digesting all those stuff, darn.

No, I was not done for the weekend yet. My husband is still here in KL for training, again. You know what it means. Life is great, that is all. Oh God, thank you so very much!

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