Thursday, July 3

Anniversary weekend

This is a photo of my marriage proposal ring and 1st month anniversary band. At the moment I wear them together on the ring finger of my right hand (now, where the heck did I keep my wedding band?) which reminds me that tomorrow is our 3rd month anniversary. Happy 3 Month, Abi! I wish to tell you something that you already knew:

You are so fine a person. A heart I instantly reckon. From you I have yet to learn, of being caring and concerned. Still calm when I am churned. Hence I fell, you did not turn. Never left my life forsaken, knowing it is your love I yearn.

My husband is coming home tonight so I have to be ready to fetch him later. But first I need to get back and do some cleaning up around the house so our home would be as comfortable as possible. Most importantly, I want him to be comfortable as he needs it badly because of his traveling.

Did I tell we went back to Penang last weekend to visit my grandmother? We drove from KL early Saturday morning and the traffic was fine all the way. We dropped by Tapah R & R for breakfast where I had fried rice with sambal prawn. Grilled stingray with air asam was our lunch. Abi enjoyed durian with ketupat palas for tea and it was not even Hari Raya yet. We went to the night market to get char koay teow, ice-kacang, laksa and popiah, My cousin brought mee rebus for my grandmother but we help her finished that too.

By the way, I was raised by my grandmother I call Tok and late grandfather, Wan (may he rest in peace) who I hardly recall because I was just a baby when he departed. It was the first time I brought Abi back as my husband. So he took this opportunity to dig up secrets and stories about me that even I was not told of before. Surprise, surprise. And she was too nice, my grandmother. He tried to find out if I was a pain in the butt back then but failed miserably because hey, I am among her favoriteslah. Nice try but better luck next time.

The next morning we had cucur udang for breakfast. We ordered beef rice with air asam and milk yogurt to go. I could not wait to reach KL and it was the best takeaway lunch ever. Talking about the food we had and no wonder Penang is renowned as food haven. One thing I know, we will visit Tok again definitely because not only we enjoyed the food over there but food also followed us back home.

This weekend, we are going to visit his parents. It has been a while since our last one anyway. Hopefully, mom-in-law would cook something nice for her son and favorite daughter-in-law (there, I have said it, Abi). When there is good food around, there is no chance I am going to miss it. After all, it is our anniversary weekend and dear God, let there be no cooking involved for me.

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Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Ami. Thanks for always being around me especially in my up and downs not only this past 3 months but for the rest of 8 years. I guess you enjoyed this morning breakfast at my parent's today.. Nasi lemak and sambal sotong was marvelous kan?

p/s i love you