Friday, July 25

Retail therapy

It was a nice Sunday morning to wake up to. My husband and I had been craving for nasi lemak so we jump off our bed to find one for breakfast. The nasi lemak tasted especially delicious that morning because Abi did not pick on my sambal prawn. Yes, I am pretty disturbed if he steals my special prawn.

Our CARS membership card had been ready since last month but we were just too busy to go pick it up. Therefore, we were already at the Mid Valley Megamall around noon to collect the card. We parked our car at the so-called car studio for washing and off we went into the mall for some shopping.

My husband bought a pair gym shorts. I mean, why bother buying when your gym membership will be expiring in August and you do not plan to renew it, Abi? However, since I forgot when was the last time you treat yourself with anything so I hope you enjoy your shorts.

Then we marched into crocs boutique and Abi bought a cool pair of sandals. Black has always been his favorite color for shoes. He also treated me with a cute pair of sandals. Luckily, pink is the only color left for my shoe size and I love it! Now we both have comfortable footwear to walk in on our beach holidays.

We stepped into a travel gear shop to look for a backpack. It must fit both our belongings because we like to tour light and easy. My husband and I prefer to hand carry our bag so it is not necessary to check-in any luggage every time we board an airplane. The right size is important so it fills the flight’s head compartment nicely. Finally, we found one at a bargain. After all, it is the sale season now.

Next we sat down at a kopitiam before leaving the mall. After drinking coffee, we checked on our car. Unfortunately, the car was not ready perhaps due to many customers on weekend. Never mind that, Abi asked me to go purchase another pair of crocs sandals for his brother. “We never really gave him anything for his birthday,” he said. True. So I went back in and contribute to the last bit of damage. One Sunday is all it takes to burn a hole in my husband’s pocket. Well, blame the Mega Sale Carnival!

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