Wednesday, July 16

Hot chocolate

It is another day of nothingness ahead. I have very little tasks to do yet I must spend nine hours in the office today. In order to let the hours pass unnoticeably, I started my day by coming in early with the intention to leave the office earlier than yesterday at least.

This morning I paid a visit to the vending machine and grabbed my cup of hot chocolate. It may sound weird to some but I have switched from drinking coffee to hot chocolate for a while now. It is amazing how a cup sized about 7cm in diameter by 7cm in height of hot chocolate can do wonder to my mornings.

Of course there is the occasional coffee relief once in a blue moon but I am really trying to give up on this particular coffee. It is because the coffee from that vending machine is highly caffeinated and super addictive. Sure it tastes so good you would crave for it every morning. Even the slogan on the vending machine says You Can Get A True Relaxation. I mean, what is up with that? Any drink to me is supposed to quench thirst but this one promises to relax. It is creepy but almost true.

I had my healthier-than-coffee hot chocolate so I should be alright for the rest of the day. I am now in a most calm state of mind (read: sleepy).

Last night I attended a farewell dinner for five colleagues. They decided to leave the company for different reasons of their own. Well, people come and people go. I might take a moment to say goodbye but then life should not stop entirely. That is why you do not see me putting on a sad face at the event, obviously. Peace, Abi!

The dinner took place at the Danau Golf Resort. The food was so-so. Because of the outdoor setting, our food was invaded by bugs from the golf course. Many lights were out too due to lack of maintenance. I actually promise myself not to attend any function to be held there anymore. Thank God I even made through the night.

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