Friday, July 11

TV dinner

I had one last week and had it again last night. It did not disappoint me both times. Actually I discovered a burger stall that sells this good stuff when I faced some serious eater’s block (as in writer’s block) last time. The stall is also well-located, just along my way home back from the office.

Of course I prefer to order it “special.” If typical fast food restaurants would layer beef patty, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions; my “special” beef burger means that the meat pie would be wrapped in egg then sandwiched with carrot, lettuce and tomato. However, the sauces have evolved since I left school. Back then the burger chefs used to squirt just chili sauce or tomato ketchup but now they add mayonnaise and black pepper sauce too. No big secret really but the taste is heavenly that I hate for the feeling to fade away.

I must say that Ramly burger is the most convenient Malaysian dish ever. Most customers would just order for takeaway to eat it at home. The level of messiness from eating it depends on how clumsy you are when handling it. Done eating, you could simply throw the wrapper away. It is fuss free, seriously. Try say that to my husband, he would shake his head feeling sorry for my so-called practicality.

Another advantage of Ramly burger is the sufficient portion. It is not too filling but you will not go hungry for long hours. Therefore, not only could it be a snack for some people but also a wholesome meal for me. Besides, I could use it as a lame excuse to eat nasi lemak for breakfast the next morning! I said I could but I did not, Abi.

So that was my dinner. I enjoyed every bit of it while watching TV. By the way Great Expectations was on STAR MOVIES last night. I enjoyed the film exactly like the last time I watched it. I still cried when Joe came to the opening of Finn’s first art gallery; when Finn made Miss Dinsmoor feel the pain in his broken heart and when Arthur was dying. I am super emotional when it comes to my favorite movies. They sure did a great job on that one.

Tonight I am leaving for Singapore. It is my turn this week. There are no special plans, just checking out the Great Singapore Sale again or what is left of it. It is nearly the middle of the month anyway that I do not have so much cash after paying all necessary bills. Alright, now I feel underpaid (don’t we all?) doing this job.

Maybe I will spend the weekend catching new movies with my husband sleeping next to me at the cinema or watching downloaded old films on notebook-connected TV with Abi still sleeping next to me. Same difference. He finds keeping awake is very hard but I do not blame him because most films do suck. As for me, although the movie is so bad I still got to stay till the end because well, I could not carry my husband out from the cinema on my own!

Whatever happens to good movies, anyway?


Scattered Kim said...

whoaa Awe.
aku google nama hang, kua blog ni.
u blog?? cun!! boleh aku tau hapdet ko. hehehe~

anyway, best baca blog ko ni.
plus, aku nak makan berger tu gak.
cam sedap.

Ami said...

camtu turun ah bangi auk..
aku belanje ko burger tuh
ok slamat hapdet heheh