Monday, July 21

Movie weekend

I must confess that it was an impulse buy. It all happened so suddenly on last two weekends. At first I just intended to go check out Far East Plaza in Orchard Road without planning to get anything. However, I came across this shoe shop called Mondo and the designs are provoking and the colors are refreshing. I tried playing safe by looking for a classic shoe pattern but ended up with orange patent peep toe shoes having white polka dots on red lining. Yeah, it was classic alright but a good SGD9.90 well spent. What a steal, this pair of shoes!

I wish to wear the shoes with my baju Raya but because it is still at my tailor’s, I am not sure if they would be perfect match. If the shoe color does not go with the baju Raya, I will have a lame excuse to buy a new pair of shoes. Well I hope they do match, Abi. Really.

My husband and I also caught the movie Wanted at the cinema near our house (I would say this a few times more until you get my point). We bought the tickets in the evening, went home and walked back out after watching the news on TV. See how close is our home to the cinema? A good or bad new movie is just a few steps away!

The only frustrating thing was the popcorn line being too long that night (never purchase salty popcorn or salty and sweet mix popcorn because it tastes bad). Anyway, my husband was close to falling asleep but he fought the temptation. I guess it was because of Angelina Jolie that he managed to stay awake until the film credit came out on the screen. I am very proud of you so well done, Abi! In short, we enjoyed watching and I must say it is good movie.

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