Wednesday, July 6

Coffee break

The one thing I almost forgot about staying home is that I become lazier when it comes to taking bath. It is only a matter of time before I would drag myself to the bathroom and soon find how much I despise shower (sigh).

Finally tolerated a quick shower with coffee as my motivation. Tee hee. Now I am getting ready to go out and hang out where I could enjoy a good cuppa.

I am enjoying my cup of joe while people watching and listening (err sorry, I cannot help it?). Thank God McDonald's is just minutes away, not to mention within walking distance only. Ah life can never be more grand than this, at least for me. Cheers!

Due to unforeseen circumstances with poor bowel condition, I had to postpone my window shopping plan but head home instead. Some breakfast coffee I drank back there. Hmm.

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I took an evening stroll from DTE to MRT station through Pasir Ris Town Park as Abi decided we were going to have dinner in Tampines. Well, I did not mind doing a bit of walking except for the wrong footwear: I donned flip-flops rather than running shoes (grin). Now you cannot say I do not exercise, can you?

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