Sunday, July 10

Some Sunday

I am enjoying lunch with my husband at Pizza San Francisco (yummy). He had meatball spaghetti and I tuna melts with mushroom soup. However, written on their napkin is bruschetta and seafood soup as must try dish. Oh man! I got to taste those next time but I wonder when that would be. Hmm.

Abi is out for a football match. He is playing in an alumni league Ansara representing his school. Go SedaraFC (woo hoo)! On the other hand, I would have some personal time to sketch down ideas for my small project. It is working out great so far and I like the result I am seeing.

Suddenly received a call from the usual suspects (whoops). The guys were on their way back from an outstation duty and they were already downstairs to take me out for a drink! So I ended up spending some time with them until sun down. Tee hee.

We just checked-into PNB Darby Park at this very hour (wink). The last time we were here, they gave us darn huge executive suite. Maybe bigger than some of your houses, I kid you not! So this time, earlier, Abi had requested for a deluxe room only. However, due to its unavailability or perhaps Abi was not early enough, we had been upgraded to a studio instead (phew).

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