Wednesday, July 13

Hot day

I set the alarm clock to go off at 4.45am but just managed to get up ten minutes later (yawn). Quickly, I went into the kitchen and prepared instant noodle for really early breakfast (yawn, again).

I had the chance to sleep in finally, because of a few reasons. Actually we arrived last night from KL thus still tired from the journey. In addition, I was fasting today and the weather outside was darn hot in Pasir Ris! So it was only natural that I lay in bed online chatting with friends and watching TV (tongue).

Abi arrived home and we went out to E!hub to enjoy early dinner at PASTAMANIA! I ordered spicy chicken fusilli while he spinach ravioli. Both came with garlic bread and everything was delicious (burp and became history in our tummies.

My husband brought back a number of news from work. My appointment date had been set next week but in the meantime I could not leave this country even if I wanted to, surprise! On the contrary, my husband needed to go back to KL due to some ordered item had reached his brother's office. In other words, I would be stuck here alone for the weekend with hanging status. Nice.

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