Saturday, July 16

Stuck alone

They say there is a first time for everything. Well yesterday was the worst first night alone in a foreign country, ever! I am not going to hide anything from you, I cried like the biggest baby in the world (boo hoo).

It was not the spending time on my own that frightened me. It was the fact that I could not leave this country due to unfinished immigration business. I was darn scared if anything should happened (touch wood) and I could not do much from where I was stuck in.

I went out to Orchard Road just to kill time. After much look around, I got myself a UNIQLO top (grin). Because of its 80s look, I thought it was decent enough thus hoped to wear it for the interview.

Before going home, I dropped by McCafe in White Sand for a caffeine fix. Since Abi was not going to arrive from KL anytime soon, I really took my time sipping my cup of joe. Ah talk about bliss.

I just finished cooking at this very hour! Poor baby was not feeling well so I prepared porridge for supper. When my husband reached home finally, you have no idea how relieved I was. Tee hee.

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