Friday, July 15

Rainy day!


Thank God it is Friday. The weather is cloudy and very windy with a chance of rain (yay)! It has not rain since we touched down here last two days. I am beginning to feel sick, literally. The temperature is so high I was experiencing headache earlier and now chesty cough. So it is a good thing if it rains today (cross fingers).

Anyway I am all cleaned up and dressed up with nowhere to go, yet. Actually there is a program that has got me glued to the idiot box. I am not going to tell you what it is though (tongue).


It actually rained in Singapore (woo hoo). Despite the wetness, I am now outside

the house for my McCafe coffee, of course! Sitting behind me is a bunch of high school students who sound like they are having fun. With their confident high pitched voice and happily turned up volume: it is like music to my ears. I pray God spare me my still-in-good-condition eardrums (grin).

It makes me think: if you realize that you need to be in a pack to feel confident and happy about yourself, then it is really a bad sign. Come on, at this age you still need approval and recognition from the members of the pack? So high-school like, kids. Fully depending on them, you will not be able to walk with your head held up high when they are not around. Which is why at times you tend to fall apart without their support and believe me, it does not take a genius to see that.

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