Saturday, July 9

Ride home

I am on the way back to KL (yay). Alright my getting excited about it just seems weird but whatever! I hope traffic is going to be kind despite that current issue we see on the news.

By the way, what do you need a rally for? You are not being oppressed by anybody. Or you cannot say for sure if somebody had not played fair the last time. Besides, to suspect for foul play you need to come up with evidence or witness. Lawyers should know these things better than I layman. Well it is only my two cent, probably worth nothing to you.

Anyway, I drank my coffee already and bought three Donut Factory pieces for lunch. Hmm I think it is the only halal certified donuts around so far but most importantly, yummy! I had passed both immigration checkpoints so I am praying for smooth sailing all the way to my final destination. Zzz.

We made a pit stop at Machap R&R northbound. I ate my first donut: raspberry dark chocolate! It was heavenly I plan not to share the apple cinnamon and double chocolate (drool) with anyone, can?

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