Tuesday, July 5

Day trip


Abi and I were getting ready to leave home. Everyday was an early start for me so far and I could not recall if I ever slept in, including weekends. And today it was bring wife to work day (wink), literally.

We arrived at Raffles Medical for my check up purposes. They took my blood sample as I needed to undergo HIV test (again, I know). Besides that, X-ray imaging and seeing the doctor was also required.

My husband paid for the check up bill. Now we wait for the result which would only be out on Monday. After that he took me for brunch because both of us had not eaten anything yet. I ordered macaroni in clear soup: pretty weird dish but there is a first time for everything so yeah. Surprisingly, it was quite yummy!

Noon till evening
I hopped on the MRT and headed to Tampines. I dropped by at McCafe for a cup of cappuccino since I had not taken my caffeine shot for the day. Then it was window shopping time! Unfortunately as much as I tried to avoid buying anything, UNIQLO had failed me big time (sigh). Apparently, the GSS was still going on. Hmm.

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