Saturday, July 9

Hello, weekend

Abi and I got up early then drove towards Sri Petaling. There was an unsuspecting roadblock along the route taken but we managed to get away with it despite our road tax expired already in June! I guess a smiley but hungry face could not do much harm to national security (wink) right?

We were already enjoying breakfast at Nasi Lemak Tawaf. I had my usual egg and prawn sambal but my husband slightly changed his menu from beef rendang to squid sambal. Everything was delicious, no complaint (burp). Oh have I ever?

We just came back from grocery shopping at the supermarket. I was quite surprised to find the rise in many items' prices. Hmm inflation does play its supposed role without fail, so there is no escaping it huh?

Poor baby requested sardine sambal for dinner. Aaaww we have not got over sambal yet today, have we? So I am now preparing the necessary because they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Tee hee.

We are flipping through TV channels still deciding on a program to watch. Malaysian version of Minute to Win It looks alright (funny). Wait, almost forgot my coffee needs ice-ing. By the way, cheers!

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