Wednesday, July 27

Hip hip hooray

Last Monday, Abi and I left home in a cab darn early. We were heading to the airport because there was an appointment to keep. Before catching the first flight back to the Lion City, my husband and I shared a large coffee. Hence, he slept all the way (grin). Although, I could not close my eyes for I was feeling a bit claustrophobic sitting on window seat and tad suspense.

Touching down still a bit early, Abi decided that we had breakfast at Killiney Kopitiam in Changi Airport. I enjoyed iced coffee with butter and kaya toast while he kopi c with nasi lemak (yummy). By the way, it was smooth entry for me without the white embarkation card and I thank God for that!

We began to walk along Boat Quay towards the Ministry of Manpower building. I went in and made my way into the card collection line. It was pretty quick before my turn was up. The officer at counter handed me the necessary document and the rest was history.

Service announcement
This goes out to those related to us in any way possible. So I do not have to answer your FAQs over and over again, you know. I hope it could save both our time trying to comprehend what is going on with my life right now. Here goes:

This week officially marks my being a dependant's pass holder (yay). Holding the pass means I could skip the long queue at immigration checkpoint and use the other lane instead. It also saves my passport pages from being stamped by them officers.

What else? This means I could open a savings account too, for my husband to bank-in my so-called spouse allowance (wink). So I am going to need a bank that offers electronic GIRO transfer service. With the account comes a bank card that has NETS service for making local payments and VISA for swiping international or online purchases (woo hoo). For those who do not really know, Malaysia is not always in the drop-down card payment option for many shopping websites and that to me my friend, is very frustrating.

Although it is going through quite major changes, my life is actually affected just a little thus maybe requires minor adaptation only. However effective immediately, Abi and I can no longer drive around in the country by law because that privilege is tourist exclusive (sigh). Hey looking on the bright side, the public transportation here is world class and above KL standard so I could not complain if I want to.

There you have it. I am a resident from now on therefore looking forward to enjoy benefits, deals, exemptions and rights as far as this new ID could take me. Tee hee.

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Adiza said...

congrats hawa.. :) finally yeay!!.. enjoy ur life down there :) n not to forget us up 'ere @ Sony :) ... not to late to wish u .. Ramadhan Mubaraq :)