Sunday, July 17

Sick Sunday

Abi and I both overslept this morning. The condition we were in did not show signs of getting any better today. My throat was itchy as ever I needed to cough it out so I would feel a lot easy.

Yet we went out to enjoy breakfast at DTE (grin). I ordered mee siam which did not really matter because my taste bud stopped working. He could not complain much about his fried koay teow, too.

We were trying to divert our attention from this slight fever by watching TV. It was hard sitting still and focusing on the programs when the itching, coughing and spitting out phlegm seemed to take all the attention away (sigh).

Yet again, my husband and I went out to enjoy Transformers: Dark of Moon in E!hub (tongue). Well all I have to say, it was just alright. Apparently, commenting on it being too much drama and lack of ethic would make some people put on defensive mode (wink).

After our so-called movie date, we decided to have a cuppa before heading back. I got my cappuccino from McCafe then joined him at the food court. Oh did I say it rained? Yes it flashed a bit but was gone as we walked home (phew).

I start to sneeze and it is not good. I hope the rain has nothing to do with this. Hmm.

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